Alaska - Western Canada Journey

Day 23 -24

The Last Leg of the Journey

The last 2 days were mostly about driving from British Columbia to California. Although we made some stops occasionally to admire the sceneries, we had switched our mindset to going home and did not spend much time with sightseeing.

We spent our time reflecting on the long journey. It was more rush than we had wanted, and we had to make several big detours mostly due to natural obstacles, but a few due to our own choices. Although the bad weather in Alaska cut some visits short, we were able to visit most places that we wanted to. Western Canada regions, British Columbia, Yukon and Alberta, offered many great sceneries as well and deserve a trip targeted to each. There were some stretches of the roads that were just driving and we'd rather not have to do, but most segments were interesting either in scenery or history, or both.

Our sketchy plan was fine for the most part, as it afforded us the flexibility to go as far as we could in a day, or to linger on a bit longer if we wished. At the same time, we should have planned ahead to take the return trip via the marine highway. This would require the preplanning that we did not do. A GPS system with Canadian navigation would be highly advisable.

On the way home, Mount Shasta loomed high above the skyline. With many past and likely future trips to this region with its many unknowns and adventures, on this very day, it appeared like a familiar and friendly face!

After traveling through thousands of miles, many of that far from civilization, we were thankful that we encountered no mechanical issues, and that all the people we met were friendly and helpful.