Alaska - Western Canada Journey

Day By Day Journals (Under Construction)

The menu on the left hand side provides links to more detailed description of activities each day. The basic structure includes:

  • Highlights - Summarize main actitivities that day
  • Lowlights - Describe events that did not go as expected
  • Visits - Describe daily activities such as hikes, tours or town visit
  • Driving condition - Discuss whether we ran into issues on the road such as road construction, road quality, etc.
  • Weather - Describe the weather we encountered. Collectively, it should give a sense of weather condition through the entire journey

In addition to the menu driven navigation for day-by-day activities on this page, I'm experimenting with Google Maps for a more precise graphical representation of the journey. Unfortunately, I've encountered several product issues (such as markers not showing up on Internet Explorer, and issues with importing KML, etc.) which are hampering my effort. It's really too bad since I like the feature sets; I only wish it works consistently and predictably. The link Google Maps Day By Day View link will be updated as progress is made.