Alaska - Western Canada Journey

Map View (Under Construction)

View Canada-Alaska Trip (under construction) in a larger map

I have the ambitious goal of using Google Maps to document the travel, without prior experience. So this will be a challenge, and may cause changes to the strategy over time. But for now, I intend to map out the entire journey day by day, and use markers on the map to link to interesting places we visited. The idea is to present a map that shows the entire journey. Viewers should be able to zoom in/out, hover over map markers or route for brief description and images, and click on a marker to link to a page on this site for more details. I'll attempt to add videos if I can.

Map usage

  • For an overview, just move the mouse over each marker or line for a brief description (to add).
  • Zoom in to see more details at the daily level.
  • Click on a marker to go to a more detailed discussion of the subject. (to add - for now, it will open the information pop-up window where you can click a link to the details or overview page)
  • Small icons at the top left of the map allow users to pan a map, zoom in or out

Map Legend

    Description: Hotel stay

    Description: Camping

    Description: Hikes

    Description: Points of interest