Highway 120 Over Yosemite

While Tioga Pass road was primarily a transit route to Eastern Sierra, I paid attention for color changes to help other photographers as well as to judge whether I should return via Yosemite Valley. As expected, dogwoods had begun the process of turning. While not as vibrant as when it reaches peak colors, the mix of colors in transition made for interesting subjects as well, especially in proximity of red bark pine trees. Oaks also began the turning process whereas aspens at higher elevation along the road were bare.

Aside a a stop at Poole Power Plant Road, I also explored Saddleback Lake for future visits - definitely promising. Outside the park near the junction with Highway 395, I found a nice stand of aspens with beautiful red colors right next to the highway. This was after hours of driving on various side roads such as Poole Power Plant Road in search of fall colors. Sometimes, beauty can be quite easy to reach. One just have to keep an eye out for it, and not thinking it could only be found with challenges. I made a note to return for nighttime shots. Just before dark, I returned to this location as the first of 3 locations to experiment with light painting. Needless to say, it was quite a challenge since I've not had many chances to try this method. The beam of the spot light was narrow and too white. The supplied red filter would make it too red. Of the many exposures, some were too dark, others were too bright, and some unevenly illuminated.

One funny thing happened to me during this photoshoot: A car turned around to check me out, then the driver said he had to turn around because he had thought someone might be in trouble with all sorts of lights scanning the sky from below the road! What a kind person.