Eastern Sierra October 27-30, 2015

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I made this return trip to Eastern Sierra in late October after an earlier one in early October for a few specific reasons:

  • In early October, the leaves were just changing for the most part. Being so impressed with Parker Lake, I wanted to return to catch sunrise when the leaves would also be at their peak colors.
  • I wanted to go further south to pay a belated visit to the Manzanar relocation center, and to photograph the Mobius Arch at Alabama Hills near full moon. In a way, I felt guilty for always being in a hurry and not making a stop at Manzanar where thousands of Japanese descendents were imprisoned during World War II. I envisioned the nice image of the moon inside one of the arches at Alabama Hills, and felt it'd nice to capture the moment of full moon inside the arch.
  • I've been looking for new inspirations for photography. There are only so many ways one can capture vibrant fall foliage colors with mountain backdrops, with streams or lakes, intimate landscapes and closeups. So I thought experimenting with light painting might allow me to broaden my horizons.
  • Being on a solo trip, I would be at liberty to travel as I wish, camp in primitive areas and hike/photograph at odd hours.

The timing was later than I had hoped for, but family obligations delayed the trip. Something has to be more important than photography. At the end, some objectives were met while other failed. Some failures were beyond my control such as weather, whereas others were due to lack of preparation. I'll try to capture the lessons for future journeys. Below is a summary of photo stops.


Highway 120 Over Yosemite - Dogwoods turning colors

Saddleback Lake Poole Power Plant Road Mono Lake Parker Lake Lee Vining Creek
Alabama Hills Manzanar Historical Site Hot Creek Geological Area