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Eastern Sierra Fall Foliage: My wife and I took a break and drove to Eastern Sierra from 10/8-10/10/2015 to check out fall foliage. Difficulties in booking hotels caused us to stay in June Lake and Bridgeport - a bit further from the actions than we'd like. However, staying in Bridgeport gave us the chance to visit Bodie again and to drive back over the Sonora Pass. In a nutshell, colors seemed both later and the quality of colors in comparing to past-years visits, potentially due to the drought. The good news is there should still be good colors for visitors in the latter half of October. We visited Rock Creek, McGee Creek, June Lake Loop, Parker Lake, Lundy Canyon, Twin Lakes and Sonora Pass.
Supermoon Eclipse over Godlen Gate Bridge- It was wishful thinking on my part that people would spread out to observe the rare supermoon eclipse - thousands of photographers parked along the Marin Headlands road, many illegally, for a chance to capture the eclipse with the Golden Gate at the foreground. It was more crowded than some 4th of July fireworks crowds - it made it more festive though. My position was not the best, but reasonable. More about what I learned, what I should have done later...

Georgetown, SC - On a trip mainly to pay respect to people I loved, my friends took me on interesting excursions to historical churches, wooden boat festival, and kayaking, etc. (Oct 2014)

Mount Rainier camping trip with friends in search of wildflowers (August 2014)- A rare camping trip with old friends. We visited Mount Rainier during the peak of wildflowers season, albeit inundated with rains. Some of us got great pictures while the unprepared like me got passable ones.

Benelux Tour visiting The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium (April 2014)

Fall Journeys 2013

  • South Falls Motivated by the fall changing colors and a need to change environment, I headed out on a solo trip heading north toward Oregon and Washington. The government shut down caused substantial changes and disruptions to the original intent. Yet at the end, I was reasonably satisfied with what I was able to see and do.
San Francisco
Northern California and Southern Oregon parks - Trip to Redwood National Park, Oregon Caves National Monuments, Crater Lake National Park, Lassen National Park and others.
Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve - Friends took me to this reserve in hope of catching skimmers in action. Shooting birds in flight is not my strength, but I managed to capture a few keepers.
Sunol Regional Wilderness

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These were journeys that required significant preparation or effort to achieve, and thus deserve to be mentioned on the front page. For instance, driving trips to Alaska or long trips abroad are described in Major Journeys. Below are some that I took in recent years.

Halong Bay Costa Rica Trip Glen Canyon Dam
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Month-long journey traveling from Saigon to Hanoi visiting natural and historical monuments 10-day escorted tour of various natural wonders, cultural centers and resorts Month-long driving tour from California To Florida, Washington DC and back Visit amazing Ankor region and Phnom Penh Month-long driving tour from California through Canada into Central and South Alaska and back Visits to famous India icons, daily life and safari excursions Visits to several European countries Visits to Sydney and Brisbane regions