Alaska - Western Canada Journey

Day 1


The first day, while generally uneventful, was probably the most important since only then that all the planning and preparation effort leading to that point began to bear fruits. Before then, all effort could still go to waste if we had canceled the trip. It was also a day of rest for me since being somewhat a perfectionist, every day at home means another day of more preparation. Sticking to our plan of traveling as far north as possible, we only made one long stop in Salem to visit Oregon State Capitol. We drove past Portland and stayed in a town just inside Washington.


The only small issue we bumped into was wind noise caused by our roof luggage, which after a short stop was solved.


Oregon State Capitol

We stopped by the Oregon Capitol late Sunday and could not get inside. So we walked the ground and took a few pictures. More information could be found on the web at Oregon State Capitol Tour. That's how we've learned about the history of the place and meaning of some sculptures we took pictures of. It was amazing to learn that the capitol burned down to the ground twice, with another fire in 2008. The architecture changed from the traditional US Capitol building architecture after the second fire to Modern Greek currently.


Mostly on Interstate 5 from Fremont, California to Salmon Creek, Washington.


The weather was warm and sunny the whole day.